Belarus is distinguished by its internationally

recognized Educational System for its quality, which annually attracts 6,000 international students at a lower cost compared to other European countries

Study language In general, the language used in the country is the Belarusian language, and since Belarus was part of the Soviet Union several years ago, the Russian language is also used, and both languages were relied upon for study programs in Belarusian universities, along with the English language in some programs

Belarusian universities
The number of Belarusian universities is more than 48, with different specializations from medicine and engineering to business administration and many different specializations, and two universities appeared in the QS rankings for the best universities in the world

Benefits of Studying in Belarus

Belarus offers a unique and enriching educational experience for international students. Here are some key benefits of choosing to study in Belarus

Reputable Universities Belarus is home to several prestigious universities that are recognized globally for their academic excellence and innovative research

Qualified Faculty

 Universities in Belarus boast highly qualified and experienced faculty members dedicated to providing top-notch education and guidance to students

Modern Facilities

Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including advanced laboratories, libraries, and technology centers, enhancing their learning experience

Reasonable Tuition Fees

 Compared to many Western countries, the tuition fees in Belarusian universities are significantly lower, making quality education more accessible

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belarus is affordable, with reasonably priced accommodation, food, and transportation, allowing students to manage their expenses comfortably

Wide Range of Courses

 Belarusian universities offer a diverse array of programs and courses in various fields, including Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, and Humanities

Flexible Learning Options

 Many universities provide flexible learning options, such as full-time, part-time, and distance learning, catering to the diverse needs of students

Multicultural Community

 Belarus attracts students from around the world, creating a multicultural and inclusive environment where students can learn from different perspectives

Language Options

Many universities offer programs in both Russian and English, making it easier for international students to find suitable courses


 Belarus is known for its low crime rates and political stability, providing a safe and secure environment for students


 Belarusians are known for their hospitality and friendliness, making it easier for international students to feel welcome and integrate into the local community

Cultural Heritage

Belarus has a rich cultural heritage with numerous historical sites, museums, theaters, and cultural events that students can explore and enjoy

Vibrant Student Life

 Students can engage in various extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and social events, enhancing their university experience

Strong Educational Foundation

A degree from a Belarusian university is well-regarded and provides a strong educational foundation that is recognized globally

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to pursue internships, research projects, and job placements, both within Belarus and internationally, after graduation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 for Studying in Belarus

Why should I choose Belarus for my studies?

Belarus offers high-quality education at an affordable cost, with reputable universities, diverse study programs, and a safe, multicultural environment. The cost of living is also reasonable, making it an attractive destination for international students.

What are the language requirements for studying in Belarus?

Many universities offer programs in both Russian and English. If you choose to study in Russian, you may need to take a preparatory course to improve your language skills. For English-taught programs, you might need to provide proof of English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS scores.

What is the application process for Belarusian universities?

The application process typically involves submitting an application form, academic transcripts, proof of language proficiency, a copy of your passport, and other relevant documents. Some programs may also require entrance exams or interviews.

How much are the tuition fees in Belarus?

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What are the living costs for students in Belarus?

The cost of living in Belarus is relatively low. Students can expect to spend around $300 to $500 per month on accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses.

Are scholarships available for international students in Belarus?

Yes, some universities and government programs offer scholarships to international students based on academic merit or financial need. It is advisable to check with your chosen university for available scholarship opportunities.

What type of accommodation is available for students?

Tuition fees vary depending on the Students can choose from university dormitories, private apartments, or shared accommodation. University dormitories are usually the most affordable option and provide a convenient and social living environment.

Can I work while studying in Belarus?

International students can work part-time while studying, but it is essential to comply with the regulations set by the Belarusian government and your university. Part-time work opportunities may be limited, so it is crucial to plan your finances accordingly.

What is the visa process for international students?

To study in Belarus, you will need a student visa. The process involves obtaining an invitation letter from your chosen university, applying for a visa at a Belarusian embassy or consulate, and providing required documents such as your passport, application form, and proof of funds.

What kind of support services are available for international students?

Belarusian universities typically offer various support services, including academic advising, language support, counseling, and assistance with visa and immigration matters. Student organizations and international offices also provide valuable resources and support.

How can Solstice Student Services help me with university registration in Belarus?

Solstice Student Services specializes in assisting students with the university registration process in Belarus. Our services include university selection, application assistance, document preparation, visa support, and pre-departure orientation. We provide personalized guidance to ensure a smooth and successful registration process.

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